Content Management System Resources

Use the content management system resources below to find the sort of information you need to move forward with your understanding of content management systems.

Just starting out?

Resource Description
Content Management Systems Explained  Understand the differences between different kinds of content management systems.
Component Content Management Systems Basic explanation from Wikipedia
Component Content Management: Overlooked by Analysts, Required by Technical Publications Departments  Industry Leader Ann Rockley and Steve Manning provide a solid overview of CCMS.


More Information

Resource Description
Why CCM is Not a CMS: Or Why You Shouldn’t Confuse a Whale with a Fish Difference between CMS and CCMS.
Content Management System Maturity Model  Knowing where you are on the content management maturity ladder is essential to figuring out how to get to where you want to be.
CMS Selection Matrix A detailed spreadsheet tool that helps you select the right CCMS for your needs.
ROI  Calculator Calculate your return on investment if you plan to purchase a CCMS.
Going from Unstructured to Structured Documentation: Getting from Point A to Point B Understand the larger process around implementing a CMS. Watch this 1-hour Adobe webinar by Jacquie Samuels of Publishing Smarter and Suzanne Mescan of Vasont outlining how to move from unstructured to structured content.
Tips for Building an Executive Summary Presentation to Sell a Content Management System to Your Management Team What to include in your presentation to management.


Keep Reading

Resource Description
List of DITA-capable CMSs A list of all the known CMSs that are enabled for DITA, created and maintain by Keith Schengili-Roberts.
Every Page Is Page One Mark Baker reflects on many aspects of content strategy.
7-part Series on Going from Unstructured to XML Adobe’s Tom Aldous walks you through converting your content to XML.
LinkedIn Many groups are available, from vendor-specific groups to a DITA Metrics group.


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